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Saturday, August 9, 2008

MOTOROKR E6 : file transfer

I am playing with a Motorola mobile phone (MOTOROKR E6) for last few days. Due to file transfer issue I was trying to connect this mobile phone with various operating systems. A "Motorola Phone Tools" cd was available with the phone which provides a software for windows operating system to interact with the phone. I installed the software in my windows system , connected my mobile through data cable , it was detected in my system. But when I tried to copy some files from my laptop to the phone , both systems (windows on my laptop & the phone) stopped responding. I tried it once more but same thing happened. But the phone is working fine in my Open Solaris 2008.05, linux (Fedora 7) and SXDE (Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08) system. After connecting the phone through the cable , these systems mounted it automatically and opened all files and directories of my phone's memory card in a new window. Fedora detcted the phone as "MOTOROKR E2" (though I connected E6... anyway) , SXDE mounted it as "NO NAME" and Open Solaris 2008.05 mounted it as "AM". I didn't face any problem for these platforms to transfer files between the systems and the phone.

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