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Monday, August 4, 2008

Discover Open Source Software with ossdiscovery

Today I take a tour to a website http://ossdiscovery.opensource.collab.net/ which provides a tool to discover open source softwares already installed in your system. I tried it in three platforms , Solaris ( Solaris express developer edition 1/08), Linux (Fedora 7) and windows xp professional. This tool scans the total system for open source products and took time according to number of files and finally saves the report in a "scanresults-local.txt" file. Basic Architecture of this tool would be clear from the following diagram :

Project Goals of this tool as described in the website is the following:
Most enterprises are using open source software in many areas of their business. However, open source typically bypasses traditional procurement processes, making it difficult for companies to accurately inventory their open source usage. OSS Discovery was created to solve this problem. It helps enterprises easily create an inventory of installed open source software. This inventory, enables enterprises to:
  • Develop support and maintenance plans

  • Comply with open source licenses

  • Measure and communicate the benefits of open source software

  • Find opportunities to use more open source software

OSS Discovery will also be used to support The Open Source Census. Learn more at About The Open Source Census.

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