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Thursday, June 5, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.05 (part - VI)

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* Software Installation : I have tested IPS few days before (Check this from part - IV). Today I was trying to add some additional package authorities. I did it in the following way :

-bash-3.2# pkg set-authority -O http://pkg.sunfreeware.com:9000/ sunfreeware.com
-bash-3.2# pkg set-authority -O http://blastwave.network.com:10000/ Blastwave.org

(Read more...)

After that , I opened "Package Manager" and find that "sunfreeware.com" and "blastwave.org" was added in the drop down list of "Repository". I tried both of them , but both were not working !!!! There was no package list at all appeared in the window . Then I execute "pkg refresh" from command line and package list from those repositories appeared in the package manager window.

[Click on the image to get larger view]

Anyway , let's check out other procedures which I have used to install softwares in other solaris distros. Most of them are working on solaris express developer edition (9/07) and solaris 10.

pkg-get and wget : It's very easy to use them. A simple command like "pkg-get -i xxxxxx" will download and install xxxxxx in your system . You can use any of these packages from blastwave.org.
(Check out how to use them....).

pkgadd and pkgadm : pkgadd transfers the contents of a software package from the distribution medium or directory to install it into the system and the pkgadm utility is used for managing the packaging and patching system. It has several subcommands that perform various operations relating to packaging. The pkgadm command includes subcommands for managing certificates and keys used. Check out "man pkgadd" and "man pkgadm".

rpkgadd : rpkgadd is a remote package management tool for solaris. It is useful when you want to install a software in a large no of machines. Basic requirements are like :
-- SSH must be installed on all servers.
-- Access to an account with root permissions on each target server.
(Read more...).

pkgman : pkgman is a a package management utility that can be used to maintain packages in a desired state on hosts that run solaris. Gtk+ packages need to be installed for creating gui .
(Read more...).

pkgbuild and SFE : pkgbuild is a tool for building Solaris SVr4 packages from RPM-like spec files and SFE (spec-files-extra) is a repository of RPM-like spec files for building Solaris SVr4 packages from various Open Source modules. OpenSolaris 2008.05 is NOT in the list of SFE supported solaris versions.
(Read more...).

Building from source : this is probably the most native method.... still works fine most of the time. Click here to check out list of freeware sources from sunfreeware.com.

** Mount ntfs partitions : I have followed the same way to mount local ntfs partitions as I did in SXDE 9/07 (Check this post). I executed "fdisk /dev/rdsk/c4d0p0" to get the partition table. (last line of my /etc/vfstab is something like : "/dev/dsk/c4d0s1 - - swap - no -"). From the partition table I found that c4d0p1 is a ntfs type partition. I mount it in a local directory and it's working fine !!!

*** Sound and Video : Currently provides two players i.e totem movie player and rhythmbox music player. Other options are for sound recording , volume control, cd ripping etc. Sound and Video category of the package Manager (opensolaris.org repository) provides an option which names like "SUNWgnome-media-mp3". I installed it in my system , but I was NOT able to play any mp3 format audio file.
You can install mplayer to play your favorite media files. If you have added blastwave.org in your list of authorized repositories you can find it as "IPSmplayer". you can also use command line instruction like "pkg install IPSmplayer". But , DO NOT use "pkg-get -i mplayer". This command worked for me in SXDE 9/07 but producing errors in OpenSolaris 2008.05. I got an error like :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Trying to install dependancy glib2 glib2
Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

Then I tried "pkg-get -i glib2-2.16.3" , but I was unable to solve this issue.

Also check out "Compiling Mplayer on OpenSolaris 2008.05" from lewiz's blog.

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