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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.05 (part - III)

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now , let's getting introduced to some another new features :

* No single start button , this distro introduces "Application - Places - System" type start buttons which categorizes different tasks.

** "system Tools" provides a new option to "New login in a window". you can login as a different user by using this window and perform desirable tasks.

[Click on the image to get larger view]

*** "Window Selector" : At the top right hand corner a window selector button is available , on click which displays a list all opened windows , choose anyone to select.

**** "Package manager" (browse it from system --> Administration) provides another impressive feature which enables you to download and install softwares in your system by using a graphical window.
Here you can search a package by name , select it and click install/update. It will resolve all dependencies (Installation of a package requires another packages) , download all of them and install in your system.
"opensolaris.org" is the default repository , you can add your own repository and create new package of your own. (Read more about "Image Packaging System"....)

[Click on the image to get larger view]

package manager works fine for installing / removing packages but one problem is there. I was trying to install open office using it , when more than 50% download was completed my internet connection started facing problems.... after a few minutes it was resolved , but download was not continuing. So I canceled the application and tried to install/upload it again. But as soon as I click the cancel button , everything downloaded in /opt/openoffice was gone and download operation started from the beginning.

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