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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NetBeans IDE 6.1 : simple Web application

Now I have started developing web applications using NB 6.1 . Just click New project --> web --> web application. There's nothing new in setting up a new web project , I have followed the same as in 6.0.1 except an option for using a dedicated folder for storing libraries.
You can use a server of your choice : Apache Tomcat / GlassFish V2. Different frameworks are also available , select according to your need and start web programming.

As usual , "index.jsp" file will be created under Project name --> Web Pages --> WEB-INF --> index.jsp.This is your default welcome page of the program.you change the title , edit the body to write your own program. As html tags are used for designing a jsp program , netbeans provides a huge opportunity to write codes graphically. Just look at the Palette ([CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[8]) , you will find almost everything you need. If you put your mouse cursor on a button in the palette , html code will be appeared as tool tip text. simply drag and drop and design your html page."Html Forms" elements are used to take input from user and "HTML" elements are used for designing purpose.
Now write your first "Helloweb" program. Check out Docs and Support from netbeans.org : "Introduction to Developing Web Applications"

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