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Friday, May 30, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 : Visual Web JSF Application

Hmmmm , there's something new !! Anyway getting started by New Project --> web --> web application. Give project name and location --> choose server --> select framework : visual web java server faces --> Finish. Here "page1.jsp" is your welcome page , (check out a green triangle before it which means that ! ). edit design / jsp / java code as you need. Here a new feature is added in 6.1 i.e ON DEMAND BINDING. "NetBeans IDE 6.1 features on-demand binding. Where components require Java coding, you must now manually add the binding attribute to components in a Visual Web JSF application. To do so, right-click each component and choose Add Binding Attribute. For more information, see the On-demand Binding Attribute Wiki."

Check out the following docs from NetBeans.org:

Developing a Visual Web JSF Application

Navigating Pages in a Web Application

Using Page Fragments

Converting and Validating Data in Visual Web JSF Applications

Understanding Scope and Managed Beans

Getting Started with Visual Web JSF Application Development

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