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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Multi Boot system (Solaris , linux and windows)

Today I have installed solaris expressed developer edition (SXDE) in my system. This post would be helpful for those who want to install SXDE in their system with multiboot option.
I was trying to install three different operating systems like linux (fedora 7) , solaris (SXDE 9/07) and windows (xp professional).

I had vista ultimate in my system before. During my installation , first I delete a partition , then create a new primary partition of "linux-swap" filesystem by using gparted. sxde installation starts normally , continued upto 5% then show me an error "not enough space is available..." . 20Gb is recommended for SXDE and my partition was of 25Gb. I tried once more , but same thing happend again !
I started searching web and came to know that vista preinstalled systems behave really strange (due to different 'fdisk' system between vista and solaris) during solaris installation. (you can read it from here). Then I decided to shrink my last partition by 9 Mb. I did it with gparted , tried to install sxde twice , but same error stopped the installation process each time.

after that , I decided to format my whole harddisk . so , I took backup of every important data and formatted my 120 Gb harddisk into 4 partitions...
  • first partition : 25 gb for windows xp. (primary , ntfs).
  • second partition : 30 gb for sxde . (primary , linux-swap).
  • third partition : 25 gb for fedora 7. (deleted later , unallocated).
  • fourth partition : remaining for data.(logical,ntfs).
I installed windows xp first , then sxde and at last linux. During linux installation I have chosen "keep all partitions and use unallocated space" ; 'review and modify' : checked. In the second page I added windows xp (/dev/sda1) and solaris (/dev/sda2). (/dev/sda1) was already there in name of 'other'.

This time everything was going on normally and I was successful to install all of them in my system properly.

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